Ann Arbor, MI 


MED, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006

BSS in Cultural Studies, Ohio University, 2004 

Work History

2012-present     Adjunct, Truman College, Chicago, IL

2008-present     Photographer, Chicago, IL

2003-present     Creative Director, “Actually, Records.”, Chicago, IL

2000-present     Graphic Designer, Freelance, Chicago, IL

Solo Exhibitions

2014       Bricolage 4, Transistor, Chicago, IL

Group Exhibitions

2012       Mercy, Not Sacrifice IV, Syrup Loft, Los Angeles, CA, Curator: Elizabeth Kim

2012       America Through a Chinese Lens, Museum of Chinese in America, New York, NY, Curator: Herb Tam

2011        Sexier, I Was Born With Two Mango Tribes (w/ Greg Grucel, Jon Monteverde), Zhou B Arts Center, Chicago, IL, Curator: Larry Lee

2011        Sexy, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL Curator: Larry Lee

2004       100 Cuts, Gallery 312, Chicago, IL Curator: Larry Lee and Laura Kina

2004       Coming Soon, Project A, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL Curator: Larry Lee

2003       Operation:Human Intelligence, Project: A, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL Curator: Contemporary Arts Council


2012       Art Blank Activism, Project A, Asian American Cultural Center, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Champaign-Urbana, IL,

2005       Image X Sound : The Short Films of Tatsu Aoki, Gene Siskel Film Center, FAAIM,Chicago, IL 

“Actually, Records.”

2011        Art Direction + Design, XYZR_KX Secession in Astropolis

2011        Art Direction + Design, Joel Walter Nowhere in Fiction

2009       Art Direction + Design, Kite Operations Festival

2008       Producer,Art Direction + Design, Jienan Yuan We Saw Everything

2007       Co-Producer,Art Direction + Design, The Gold Medalists The City Lights Us On Fire

2007       Art Direction + Design, Oishi No In Between

2007       Art Direction+ Design, Joel Walter Heart of Branches

2007       Co-Producer,Art Direction + Design, Hope In Ghosts All Your Departures

2006       Art Direction+ Design, Ee Capital Plans

2006       Art Direction+ Design, The Red Wheelbarrow Homemade Life Raft

2006       Art Direction+Design, XYZR_KX Inanomie Op.221

2004       Art Direction+ Design, XYZR_KX Falls Off The Curb, Chump Style  

Music Composition

2015       Composer, BodyCompass Dance Project / Links Hall, Sarah Gottlieb Cairn and Cloud IV

2015       Composer, BodyCompass Dance Project / Links Hall, Sarah Gottlieb Yolk

2011        Composer, Saira Wasim Lives of Confrontation

2007       Composer, Jienan Yuan We Saw Everything

2004       Composer, NYU School of Interactive Arts, Ann Poochareon Papermoon

2004       Composer, Apple, Inc. Cherry Sky Films, Vincent Tsu Walking Between The Lines


2007       Functional Displacement, Links Hall, Actually, Records, Chicago, IL

2004       The 9th Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, Hothouse, Asian Improv Arts Midwest, Chicago, IL

2004       Mars, Marriage and Mass Distraction, Gene Siskel Film Center, Asian American Artists Collective Chicago, Chicago, IL

2003       Conflict Theory, Remote Lounge, “Actually, Records.”, NYC, NY

2003       Blemish,Women in the Director’s Chair, “Actually, Records.”, Chicago, IL

2003       Endlessism,Guild Complex, “Actually, Records.”, Chicago, IL

2003       Register This!, Gene Siskel Film Center, Asian American Artists Collective Chicago,Chicago, IL

2002       Re:911, Gene Siskel Film Center, Asian American Artists Collective Chicago, Chicago, IL 

Selected Press

2013     "Super Mario Snowman” Huffington Post Chicago

2012     "Goings On About Town: Art" The New Yorker

2012      Stauffer, Tema. "How Do I Fit Into This?" ArtSlant

2012       Massara, Kathleen. "America Through A Chinese Lens' At Museum Of Chinese In America" Huffington Post

2012       "Must See Arts In The City April 25 - May 1, 2012" WNYC

2012       Mustich, Emma. "Chasing The Chinese-American Dream" Salon

2011       Kuennen,Joel.  “Bringing Sexy Back.” ArtSlant 

2009       Wong,Martin. “We Saw Everything Review” Giant Robot

2009       Packota,Rachel Rain. “We Saw Everything Review” Lucid Forge

2009       Aripinati,Nicolo. “We Saw Everything Review” Indie For Bunnies

2005       Francisco,Kristina. “Labelmakers: Punc Rock” UR Chicago Music 

Lectures and Presentations

2012       Guest Lecturer, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

2005       Guest Lecturer, University of Michigan


2002-present     Coordinator, Project A

2002-2005         Member, Asian American Artist Collective Chicago

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